Six young people share their experiences of the Scots language at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayr. Watch as they learn how to write poems, songs and drama on the BBC website.

Scots Schuil All Clips
Meet all the pupils and find out what they're learning at Scots Schuil.

Cameron's story
Cameron talks about his experiences of the Scots language and why he is proud to speak it.

Millie's story
Listen to Millie talking to her family about Scots and what the language means to her.

Talking about Scots
The Scots Schuil pupils share their views on Scots and act out some of the history of the Scots language.

Scots Schuil Gala Concert
At the end of a busy week, the Scots Schuil students are ready for their end of term concert. It's clear all their hard work has paid off when they take to the stage and perform what they've written - a powerful drama, poems and a fantastic new Scots song.